If you have a friends with benefits situation, chances are that the casual hook ups may have started up real feelings of emotional attachment in between you and your sexual partner. It may have started by dating online and with all the intentions to just keep things casual, but it usually doesn’t take long before one person starts to get jealous if their friends with benefits starts hooking up with other single people. It is usually at this point where one person starts to wish that the casual hook ups could become something more committed, but the other person starts to draw back and avoids any talk of commitment. It is not always clear why this happens, or why one person always seems to be afraid of commitment when the other one wants it, but I have written this blog to share my own experience in the hopes that it may be able to help some other women who are going through the same thing. Fear of commitment is not always a bad thing, but when you want to elevate your casual hook ups into something more permanent, then you may be wondering why your friends with benefits is avoiding it.

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How My Casual Hook Ups Turned into a Big Deal

When I first got into dating online, I was only interested in finding some casual hook ups or friends with benefits situations. I had just broken out of a long relationship, and I was looking to hook up with other single people to get my confidence back and re-enter the dating market. At first things were good, and I was meeting with a lot of other cool guys, who didn’t mind keeping things relaxed. I had a ton of success on this Great Dating Site , and if you want to see some reviews on how it all worked, check out the link for more info. I found it very useful for some tips for success on Adult Friend Finder, and it really broke me into the game of casual hook ups and dating online. I met a ton of cute guys on that site, but one of the best tips for success on Adult Friend Finder is to make a good profile. A good profile will attract guys like flies to honey. Regardless of the dating online website that you choose to use to hook up with other single people, there will probably be some point in your sex journey where you will come across a guy who you actually like for more than just his body or moves in the bedroom. This happened to me when my casual hook ups with this one guy were quickly turning into something more, or at least I thought it was, but the closer I tried to get to him, the quicker he moved away.

Why Are Friends With Benefits so Scared of Commitment?

Particularly for a lot of guys, they like the idea of being able to have casual hook ups with a girl, without any of the responsibilities of the boyfriend status. A lot of them think this is the dream scenario for them that still gives them the sex they want, but maintains their juvenile idea of freedom. During my online dating and perusal of guys, I eventually came across one guy who was everything that I wanted in a boyfriend at the time. At first, I kept it to the casual hook ups as we had originally discussed, but as time went by, I become more and more interested in him. I started to try and set up dates that had us doing a bit more than just getting down to business in the bedroom, but he became more and more resistant as I did so. I began to wonder – why is he so scared of commitment? Is it something about me? But as I pushed further, I began to realize that he was scared and resistant because taking the next steps into a relationship was a change to our original agreement, and he was just as worried about what could happen if things changed too much. Guys want more in a relationship too, but they are afraid of getting hurt as much as anyone else. I think it is an automatic self-defence mechanism that they use to protect their hearts, and if you want to get past it, you need to make sure they feel secure about what could happen if you take your friends with benefits to the next level.