Hi guys,
My name is Carrie, and I want to share some thoughts about how to get laid with casual sex sites. Specifically, let’s focus on men’s online dating profiles, and potential reasons why they are not successfully finding ladies to date or hook up with. I’ve seen it all online, from the best to the worst. As I’m someone that gravitates to the more eccentric personalities, I tend to think the more outgoing seeming people online are worth going for. These go-getter types tend to present themselves well, with snappy picture and mysterious description all part of the allure. That’s the underlying secret for how to get laid with casual sex sites.

how to get laidCreate A Killer Dating Profile

On the other hand, people who present themselves without much care or pizazz should be avoided. I would say roughly 2/3rds of the men with online profiles appear this way. Then when you start chatting with them, they start talking about sex right off the top, or how sad they are. Both of theses are not attractive! Guys out there: there’s a lot great sites Insert the Text Here out there to remind you what to never say if you want to get laid with casual sex sites. Don’t forget that women are picky, and will not settle. You’ve got to impress us!

So, I want to focus on the key components that make a great profile for someone looking for casual sex. The areas to focus on are: the description, the image, how you chat with potential hook-ups, how to stay mysterious. There’s definately a lot key components that you need to be on top of if you want to impress someone, so pay attention!

Sexy Online Profile

We all have our biases and general interests that we look for. Many women I know like to see men who motorcycle to work, and make that part of their description. If you are a risk-taker, or someone who does daring things like rock climbing, mountain biking, any martial art, or any extreme sport, I suggest making this a major theme of your description. Make the sexiest, most impressive, most daring version of yourself imaginable! There’s a reason why James Bond is so alluring for women: because he is calm, collected, physically strong, and takes decisive action. These are all sexy traits you should bring out in yourself; so stretch the truth if you have too, because these are the qualities that bring in the ladies.

Make sure to keep your description between 250-600 words. Anything below that and you can’t give enough of your personality on there. Anything above 600 and people will lose interest.

Best Online Dating Profile Picture

The image should represent your wilder side, the side that only comes out when you’re having a blast. It’s tricky to use photos from parties, because often they are not well taken. If you have any of your at a bar or a party looking great, then use that. Otherwise, I often find that men who use a head shot photo from work are actually more attractive in person. Showing your professionality does not make you seem boring – on the contrary, women always love a man in a suit. Generally, make sure you are the only person in the photo, and that your face is very much visible. I live in San Antonio, and for me, the most effective profile pics of guys are from when they went to Six Flags, or SeaWorld. The bottom line is that any artsy or strange profile pic throws most people off.

How To Seem Convincing Online

Here’s where most men go wrong, because they don’t know how to seem convincing online. I’ve had so many guys who seemed impressive on their profile actually come across as douchebags once we got talking. The key is to stay calm, try and be funny, and not to move through anything too quickly. Let the lady make a couple of the first moves in the conversation. Once you have a nice understanding of what he’s like, then you can begin to ask further questions. Do not just start in with “where do you live?” because that seems creepy.

Come across as interested at first, but then let her do most of the questioning. You want to let her build an image of you up in her mind. That’s how you get laid with casual sex sites – mystery. This version of you she will build up until she just needs to see you. That’s one method. The other method is to ask her about what movies she likes, what TV shows she is watching, little things like that. Always start small, and the big things will take care of themselves. Giving her space to feel comfortable online is really the most important thing – so don’t be too hasty and come off as desperate, because let me tell you, I’ve never hooked up with any man that seemed desperate.