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A lot of people might think that Happn is a better website than The reason people think this way is that they presume, based on the layout and usability of Happn, that it has better affair options for men and women than A lot must be said for the nice layout that Happn has. It’s easy to sign up, the site looks beautiful and is easy to navigate through. It claims to have a lot of members, but how can you be sure they are real people and not scams?

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From my experience, Happn was extremely difficult to enjoy because there were so few affair options. Usually when I cheat on my wife I use, but with everyone talking about how great Happn is I decided to give it a shot. All I can say is that is was really tricky to meet any women to go an actual dates with. So many women seemed just perfect for me: single, mid-20s, not looking for anything serious – just perfect for a fast hookup affair option for me. Little did I know that most of these profiles were fake. I don’t know if that’s the same experience for a lot of people, but I can definitely say that I will never use Happn again. I must have sent over 30 emails to different ladies and I received only 13 responses. That’s way below my average from Milftastic. Maybe it’s because I’m over 30 and no ladies want a fast hookup with a 35 year old guy looking for an affair.

But no – it’s not just that. People are saying that Happn is a great place to meet women. That’s great, but what happens after you meet them? Seem’s like all you do is chat, chat, chat. That’s for young people who don’t know what they want. That’s not me, I’m not interested in that. I want to use an online affair site that hooks me up with other married ladies that are also looking for an affair option or a fast hookup. Whatever it is, at least they want to meet and start getting down to some sexy business. That’s why Milftastic is one of the best online affair sites out there – no question about it.

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Not only were the ladies down to meet on It was also a much faster experience finding the ladies in the first place. On Happn I had to scroll through thousands of ladies. The site recommended a bunch of ladies to me too, but none of them looked like a match. I’m not even that picky of a guy – it just was not the right kind of women because half of them looked like fake profiles. There’s nothing I hate more than wasting my time on a fake profile, and on that’s never happened. Happn obviously is full of scam profiles that trick the amateurs into thinking they will get casual sex. Too bad they don’t like the more mature ladies, because on there are such legitimate babes I’m never going back to the huge sites with a bunch of scams. It might seem like you can get a fast hookup on Happn, but for me it was the opposite.

Also, with Happn, it was really hard to get chatting with women because the site is not meant to hook people up for conversation. It claims to allow you to track people on their GPS and just meet up with randoms that way, but I don’t like that style. For me, the best online affair sites are the ones that let you send images and videos back and forth with a person for a while before you decide to meet up. Sure the affair options might seem more numerous on a site like Happn where you can basically meet up with anyone anytime. I guess it would be better if I was just a single guy looking for a fast hookup. Since I’m on the lookout for affair options, is just the perfect online affair dating site for me.

For all the reasons given above, I think it’s clear that Happn is not one of the best affair dating sites out there, and that Milftastic is your best bet. You will be astounded at how many women you will meet on Milftastic. When you think about it for a sec it makes sense, too. If you are a married women looking for an affair, you are probably not going to have very high standards. Take it from me that you want to start with this site before going anywhere else. It’s reliable and easy to use, where as Happn is flashy and unreliable, and not the easy to use if you want to message and send images back and forth.