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There’s a famous story in the Long Beach area about how a lady got scammed by a Brooklyn man on Craigslist. It was not a little scam either – she spent over $3,000 on this man, and never actually met him! Craigslist used to be the only spot for single ladies to look for hookups. Back in the 1990s, before online dating sites were created with a paid subscription service, Craigslist was the only free classified ads site where people went for hookups. So it was very popular, which explains why this lady was using it. However, what people in the 1990s did not realize was that scam artists get their fingers into everything, including romance. Back then it is not as big a problem as it is now because it was more of a niche market. However, this lady was subject to a classic case of an internet scammer taking her money and giving nothing in return.

Craigslist is an extremely easy website for scammers to use. Because it is free and allows for all kinds of advertisements to be posted, there is really no security measures taken against scammers. The reality is that today over half of the personal ads and job ads are probably scam posts. Of course this lady back in the 1990s didn’t realize this, but her story became a great lesson for all Long Beach residents to stay away from the classified ad sites when looking for a hookup.

Internet Scammer in Long Beach

This lady had been using Craigslist to meet singles for a while. As a single lady who worked really hard it was a great resource for her to get fast hookups. In this case she responded to an ad from a guy who said lived in Long Beach. She was hopeful and sent an email (that’s how communication still works on Craigslist). Within 30 minutes this man had responded, saying that she sounds wonderful and would LOVE to meet – except that he’s stuck in Brooklyn.

Single Ladies In Long Beach

As a single lady in Long Beach she thought that would be no problem. She got back in touch with him and asked how soon he will be coming home. Here’s where the drama starts, because the man in Brooklyn tells her that his car broke down and he’s totally out of money. The car was the last major thing of value he had with him, and unless she could pay for a plane ticket home he was stranded in New York.

That really puzzled the lady, because it was all happening so fast. She thought about it for awhile, and wondered what he looked like. She built a fantasy of him up in her mind, and then a couple days later she decided to help him out. She bought him a ticket home and told him to call her when he got back to Long Beach. But that was the last she ever heard of the scammer from Long Beach who pretended to be stuck in Brooklyn. He took the money and was laughing all the way to the bank.

Unfortunately, she is one of many people that got scammed on Craigslist since it began it’s free classified ads service. For anyone seriously looking for single ladies or for a fast hookup, Craigslist is really your last ditch option. Not only are there scammers on there, but there is no ability to communicate on the site. For someone looking to have an affair like me, that’s the first thing I need because communicating by email with my affair would not last very long.

Online Dating Sites

Lucky for this unfortunate lady and everyone else, classified ads have given way to online dating sites. Now it is common to pay a monthly subscription to have access to huge databases of singles around the country that want to meet you and have a quick hookup or turn you from a single lady into a married lady. Literally any option under the sun is available to you now, just as long as you are willing to pay for the service. It’s just a matter of avoiding some of the scam sites out there that still cause a nuisance to some people. If you are looking for the most legitimate sites that have a wide variety of single ladies to choose from, then why not start with This site will fill you in on what online dating sites are full of scammers, and which one are legitimate. Dating is hard enough without the added worry that the person you are trying to chat with does not actually exist.